Table 4.

Number of prior cytotoxic therapies, and prior radiation, received by patients enrolled in the ovarian cancer cohort (n = 24)

Dose levelTumor typeNo. prior cytotoxic therapiesPrior radiation therapy historyNo. cycles of study treatment
1Ovarian cancer3None3
1Ovarian cancer3None1
1Ovarian cancer2None15
1Ovarian cancer3None4
2Ovarian cancer3None16
2Ovarian cancer1None3
2Ovarian cancer1None8
3Ovarian cancer2None9
3Ovarian cancer4None7
3Ovarian cancer2None4
3Ovarian cancer4None5
3Ovarian cancer2None8
3Ovarian cancer1None8
4Ovarian cancer3None16
4Ovarian cancer2None16
4Ovarian cancer2None4
4Ovarian cancer2None11
4Ovarian cancer6None9
4Ovarian cancer3None8
4Ovarian cancer2None12
4Ovarian cancer4None6
4Ovarian cancer3None9
5Ovarian cancer1None2
5Ovarian cancer1None1