Table 4.

Data expression validation by qRT-PCR of two genes found differently expressed between stage I relapsing (R) or nonrelapsing (nR) tumor samples

Gene name (accession no.)Arrays (R-nR)qRT-PCR (R-nR)ρ
CCNE1 (M74093)1.1216554 (P = 0.0152)1.16741623 (P = 0.02158)0.789648 (P < 2.2e−16)
MCM5 (NM_006739)0.7649194 (P = 0.002128)0.44442057 (P = 0.03524)0.4496941 (P = 0.0001996)
  • NOTE: From left to right, the columns refer to gene name with GenBank accession no.; arrays log ratio values; qRT-PCR results calculated with the −ΔΔCt protocol; and the correlation value (ρ) between the two assays using the Spearman's test. P is the P value referred to Welch t test or correlation test as appropriate (P < 0.05).