Table 2.

Comparison of MSI-associated gene expression changes between primary colorectal cancers and cancer cell lines

MSI vs MSS, n (%)
Primary colorectal cancersColorectal cancer cell lines
Giacomini et al.
Aarhus University HospitalUp-regulatedDown-regulated
    Up-regulated859 (36.3)305 (12.9)P < 0.001
    Down-regulated421 (17.8)782 (33.0)
Watanabe et al.
    Up-regulated913 (38.1)267 (11.1)P < 0.001
    Down-regulated471 (19.6)747 (31.2)
Koinuma et al.
    Up-regulated192 (44.2)44 (10.1)P < 0.001
    Down-regulated51 (11.8)147 (33.9)
  • NOTE: Analysis was done on 48 MSI and 47 MSS colorectal cancers analyzed at Aarhus University Hospital, 24 MSI and 36 MSS colorectal cancers from Watanabe et al. (16), 10 MSI and 10 MSS colorectal cancers from Koinuma et al. (13), and 10 MSI and 10 MSS colorectal cancer cell lines from Giacomini et al. (17). For each cohort, genes (probe sets/IMAGE clones) differentially expressed between MSI and MSS cases were identified using the Wilcoxon rank-sum test and P < 0.05. For genes overlapping between cohorts of primary colorectal cancers and colorectal cancer cell lines, consistency of up-regulation or down-regulation in MSI cases was assessed using the χ2 test.