Table 3.

Single-sample MSI classification of test colorectal cancers and cancer cell lines using the 829 and 192 consistent MSI-associated genes

MSI typing (reference)829-gene classifier192-gene (229 IMAGE clone) classifier
Primary colorectal cancers
    Aarhus University Hospital
    Watanabe et al.
    Royal Melbourne Hospital
Colorectal cancer cell lines
    Giacomini et al.
  • NOTE: Individual test samples were clustered against a common MSI/MSS reference set of primary colorectal cancers or colorectal cancer cell lines (Supplementary Table S1). Test samples included additional 30 MSI and 30 MSS cancers analyzed at the Aarhus University Hospital, 9 MSI and 15 MSS cancers from Watanabe et al. (16), 11 MSI and 63 MSS cancers from the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and 5 MSI and 6 MSS colorectal cancer cell lines from Giacomini et al. (17).