Table 1.

Baseline patient characteristics and response during study

PatientAge (y); sex; racePrimary tumor type; AJCC stage (ECOG score)Target tumors (n); LD sum (cm)Nontarget involvementPrior therapyCycle 1 treatment status; received 0.9 mg/m2Clinical response
11-6162; female; WhiteUnknown; IV M1a (1)1; 2.6Not applicableDacarbazine, peg-IFNα, thalidomideCompleted; yesCycle 1SDIRSD
11-6243; female; WhiteNodular; IV M1a (2)4; 25Not applicableDacarbazine, carbaplatin, vinblastin, radiationDC C1W1 for AE (fatigue); noNANANANA
11-6364; male; WhiteUnknown; IV M1c (1)4; 20.7Lymph node, bone, pleura, mesentaryTemozolomideDC C1W6 for progression; noNANANANA
11-6431; female; WhiteNodular; IV M1b (0)1; 3.5Lung, skinAdeno-IL-2, dacarbazine, thalidomideCompleted; yesCycle 1SDPDPD
11-6552; female; WhiteUnknown; IV M1c (0)2; 9.9Kidney, bladderAdeno-IL-2, thalidomide, dacarbazineCompleted; yesCycle 1PDPDPD
11-6673; male; WhiteNodular; IV M1b (0)1; 3.8LungDacarbazine, IFNαCompleted; yesCycle 1SDIRSD
11-6762; male; WhiteAcral lentiginous; IV M1c (0)7; 32Lymph node, adrenal, kidney, spleen, pancreasDacarbazineCompleted; yesCycle 1SDPDPD
11-6844; male; WhiteSuperficial spreading; IV M1b (0)1; 2.1Lymph node, lung, kidneyDacarbazine, cisplatin, carmustin, radiationDC C1W4 for AE (pelvic vein thrombosis); noCycle 1PDPDPD
21-0177; female; WhiteNodular; IV M1c (1)2; 6.4LungPeg-IFNα, dacarbazine, radiationCompleted; yesCycle 1PDPDPD
21-0354; male; WhiteUnclassified; IV M1c (1)4; 20.7Lymph node, lung, liver, skin, pancreas, spleenDacarbazineDC C1W2 for AE (necrosis hepatic metastasis); noCycle 1NAPDPD
31-3756; female; WhiteUnknown; IV M1a (0)5; 8.5Lymph nodeIFNα, dacarbazineCompleted; noCycle 1SDIRSD
31-3863; male; WhiteAcral lentiginous; IV M1c (0)4; 12.8Lymph node, lungDacarbazine, fotemustineCompleted; yesCycle 1PDPDPD
31-3969; male; WhiteNodular; IV M1c (1)3; 6.3LungIFNα, dacarbazineDC C1W11 for AE (pleural effusion); noCycle 1PDPDPD
31-4077; male; WhiteSuperficial spreading; IV M1c (1)2; 6.3Lymph node, lung, skinIFNα, dacarbazine, fotemustine, radiationDC C1W8 for AE (nausea and dizziness); noCycle 1SDPDPD
32-4329; male; WhiteUnclassified; IV M1c (0)1; 5.2Bone, skinDacarbazineDC C1W8 for progression; yesCycle 1PDPDPD
32-4476; male; WhiteUnknown; IV M1b (0)5; 20.7Lymph node, lung, liverDacarbazineCompleted; yesCycle 1PDPDPD
32-4564; male; WhiteUnclassified; IV M1c (0)1; 3.2Lymph node, lung, liver, skinImatinib, survivin in montanide, fotemustineCompleted; yesCycle 1PDIRPD
32-4660; male; WhiteUnclassified; IV M1c (0)1; 2.6Lung, liverFotemustine, imatinibCompleted; yesCycle 1PDPDPD
32-4768; male; WhiteLentigo maligna; IV M1a (0)1; 2.1Lymph node, lungDacarbazineCompleted; noCycle 1PDIRPD
33-4948; female; WhiteSuperficial spreading; IV M1c (1)2; 7.8Lymph node, lung, liver, skinPeg-IFNα, dacarbazineDC C1W7 for progression; yesCycle 1PDPDPD
33-5072; male; WhiteUnknown; IV M1b (1)1; 2.5Lymph node, thoracicTreosulfan, gemcitabine, dacarbazineCompleted; yesCycle 1SDIRSD
  • Abbreviations: AJCC, American Joint Commission on Cancer; ECOG, Eastern cooperative oncology group; LD, longest diameter; DC, discontinued; C, cycle; W, week; EOS, end of study; SD, stable disease; PR, partial response; PD, progressive disease; IL-2, interleukin 2; AE, adverse event.