Table 1.

List of primary human pituitary samples

Case no.SexPathologic diagnosisFGFR2
mRNA expressionDNA methylationmRNA expressionMethylation level (%)
mRNA analyses
    13MMixed lactotroph-somatotroph adenoma+
    15FCorticotroph adenoma
    16FSilent subtype 3 adenoma+
    17MLactotroph adenoma (sparsely granulated)+
    18MSomatotroph adenoma (densely granulate)
    19FLactotroph adenoma+
    20FLactotroph adenoma+
    21FGonadotroph adenoma
    22MSomatotroph adenoma (densely granulated)+
    23FSomatotroph adenoma (densely granulated)+
    24FCorticotroph adenoma+
    25MSomatotroph adenoma (sparsely granulated)
    26FSomatotroph adenoma (sparsely granulated)+
DNA analyses
    27FAcidophil stem cell adenoma+20
    28MGonadotroph adenoma+73
    29FGonadotroph adenoma13
    30FLactotroph adenoma (sparsely granulated)+29
    31MLactotroph adenoma (sparsely granulated)86
    32FSomatotroph adenoma (sparsely granulated)+5
    33MLactotroph adenoma (sparsely granulated)+42
    34MSomatotroph adenoma (sparsely granulated)8
    35MGonadotroph adenoma+79
    36MSomatotroph adenoma (densely granulated)+62
    37FLactotroph adenoma12
    38FCorticotroph adenoma5
    39FCorticotroph adenoma2
    40MLactotroph adenoma (sparsely granulated)+61
    41MMixed lactotroph-somatotroph adenoma45
mRNA and DNA analyses
    42MLactotroph adenoma (sparsely granulated)+58
    43MOncocytic adenoma+90
    44MSomatotroph adenoma (sparsely granulated)++11
    45MGonadotroph adenoma+15
    46MOncocytic adenoma+23
    47MOncocytic adenoma+28
    48MGonadotroph adenoma+63