Table 1.

Details of studies included in the meta-analysis

StudyTrialCountryEthnicity*Total trial participants/genotyped subjectsProportion exposed to aspirinAspirin doseODC 316A allele frequencyODC 316AA genotype frequency
Martinez et al. (14)Wheat bran fiber (17)United StatesPredominantly Caucasian1,304/68830%Variable0.256%
Barry et al. (15)Aspirin/Folate Polyp Prevention Study (2)United StatesPredominantly Caucasian1,084/97366%81 or 325 mg (50% each)0.277%
This studyUKCAP (16)United KingdomCaucasian853/54649%325 mg0.245%
  • * Ethnicity of genotyped individuals.

  • Participants were categorized as aspirin exposed if they had consumed aspirin in the month before completing a self-administered questionnaire.