Table 2.

Oral IEN patient LOH prevalence pretreatment

LocusMicrosatellite markersNANILOHInterpretable samples% LOH of interpretable samplesPatients with ≥1 event of LOH
3p14D3S1234; D3S13002932313.03
9p21-22D9S171; D9S1751; D9S1748; IFNα519204445.510
17p13D17S786; TP533542615.43
CombinedAll markers1033279329.010*
  • Abbreviations: NA, data not available or not evaluable due to inadequate PCR amplification; NI, not interpretable, which indicates the presence of only one allele in the IEN participant-matched connective tissue.

  • * Only patients with LOH at 9p21-22 exhibited additional imbalance at other loci.