Table 2.

Best response to deforolimus treatment (n = 52)

Disease cohortNo. evaluable patientsPRHISDPD
1. AML2201417
2. ALL10N/A01
3. AMM72N/A32
4. CLL80N/A62
5. T-cell20N/A20
  • NOTE: 57 patients were enrolled. As of November 2006, 55 patients had treatment information. Of these, two AMM patients were misclassified and are not considered evaluable for antitumor response and 1 of the 23 AML patients was never evaluated for antitumor response, leaving 52 treated patients evaluable for antitumor response. The three AML patients with relapse after HI are included in the 17 patients with PD.

    Abbreviations: N/A, not applicable; NR, no response (without progression).