Table 2.

Relationship between the presence of abnormal Hugl-1 and clinicopathologic features of HCC

CharacterNo. patients (n = 60)Abnormal Hugl-1
Positive rate (%)P
Yes (n = 24)No (n = 36)
    <45 y21101147.60.418
    ≥45 y39142535.9
Viral infection
    HBV positive52213140.41.000
    HBV negative83537.5
Tumor thrombi (vasal invasion)
Tumor capsule status
Tumor size
    ≤3 cm1421214.30.031
    >3 cm46222447.8
Serum α-fetoprotein level
    ≤20 ng/mL26121446.20.435
    >20 ng/mL34122235.3
Histologic grade*
Tumor-node-metastasis stage
  • * Histologic grading of HCC was determined using the Edmonson-Steiner's grade.

  • The tumor-node-metastasis stage was determined using the classification proposed by Internal Union Against Cancer and American Joint Committee on Cancer.