Table 4.

Chromosome regions with CNAs associated with future development of EA or DNA content abnormalities

Alteration/outcomeChromosomeRegion affected (Mbp)No. of BACsPatients with associationPRRPotential genes of interest
Loss/EA198.9-104.0340.00210.2SASS6, CDC14A, COL11A1, others
553.4-87.4425<0.00120.0MAP3K1, CCNB1, AGGF1, DMGDH, others
110.5-2.934<0.00121.3CDKN1C, TSSC4, CTSD, LRDD, others
1498.9-105.283<0.00111.7BAG5, CKB, MARK3, MEG3
Gain/EA50.6-43.8613<0.00171.0TPPP, TERT, RAD1, GHR, others
929.9-38.41640.00319.1NDUFB6, BAG1, SHB
Gain/DNA969.8-135.81433<0.0019.6CDK9, VAV2, ABL1
180.6-24.7417<0.00120.2YES1, TYMS, NDC80, others
  • NOTE: Number of BACs indicates how many contiguous BACs are found in the region of interest. Patients with association indicate how many had the alterations indicated out of 16 total follow-up DNA content abnormalities or 8 total follow-up EA cases. Significance and relative risk were determined by Cox regression analysis.