Table 1.

Induction of HLA-A2–restricted MelanA-specific CD8+ T cells by TriMix DCs pulsed with MelanA-A2 peptide or coelectroporated with MelanA-DCLamp mRNA

%CD8+ MelanA tetramer+ T cells/no. of CD8+ T cells (106)*
Absolute no. of CD8+ MelanA tetramer+ T cells (103)
Exp 1Exp 2Exp 3Exp 4Exp 1Exp 2Exp 3Exp 4
Imm + MelanA peptide0.3/1.20.1/1.351.2/4.20.5/
TriMix + MelanA peptide72.4/6.863.2/1.152.4/9.349.6/13492269548846478
TriMix + MelanA mRNA72.5/6.325.9/1.643.3/5.744.8/14.7457240124556594
Mat + MelanA peptideND0.1/1.5ND2.1/2.4ND1.5ND52
  • NOTE: Results are shown for four individual experiments from different healthy donors.

  • Abbreviations: Imm, immature DCs electroporated with irrelevant NGFR mRNA; Mat, cytokine cocktail–matured DCs electroporated with NGFR mRNA; ND, not done.

  • * The T-cell population generated after three weekly stimulations with the different DCs was stained with MelanA peptide–loaded HLA-A2 tetramers and anti-CD8 antibody. MelanA-specific CD8+ T cells were then identified by flow cytometry. Background staining with MAGE-A3–specific HLA-A2 tetramers, which never reached higher than 0.5%, was subtracted. The number of living cells was determined by trypan blue exclusion.

  • Absolute number of MelanA-specific CD8+ T cells was calculated with the following formula: (number of CD8+ T cells/100) × % of CD8+ MelanA tetramer+ T cells.