Table 1.

GS-9219 scheduled treatment regimens evaluated

CohortGS-9219 dose (mg/kg)*FrequencyDogs treatedDose-limiting adverse eventsBest response observed
Cohort 1-low0.20Daily for 5 d, every 21 d715 CR/2 PR
Cohort 1-high0.29Daily for 5 d, every 21 d6§35 CR/1 PR
Cohort 2-low0.66Once every 7 d302 CR/0 PR
Cohort 2-high0.82Once every 7 d6§23 CR/2 PR
Cohort 3-low0.66Once every 14 d301 CR/0 PR
Cohort 3-high0.82Once every 14 d6§13 CR/2 PR
Cohort 4-low0.66Once every 21 d302 CR/0 PR
Cohort 4-high0.82Once every 21 d402 CR/0 PR
  • * Based on GS-9219 free base.

  • Each regimen was to be repeated for five total treatment cycles.

  • One dog was diagnosed with a second malignancy after entry and a seventh dog was added to cohort.

  • § Cohort expanded to 6 dogs due to a single dose-limiting adverse event in first 3 dogs.

  • One dog died of tumor-related complications before response evaluation and an additional dog was added to the cohort.