Table 1.

Patient demographics and disease characteristics

CharacteristicNo. of patients
Total patients33
Age, y
    Median (range)59 (26-81)
ECOG performance status
Tumor type
    Pleural mesothelioma2
    Others*7 (1 each)
Prior therapy
    Chemotherapy32 (97.0%)
        No. of prior regimens
    Radiation therapy17 (51.5%)
    Cancer-related surgery19 (57.6%)
  • Abbreviations: ECOG, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group; NSCLC, non–small cell lung cancer; MFH, malignant fibrous histiocytoma.

  • * Others: thymoma, synovial sarcoma, duodenal, double cancer of hypopharynx and thoracic esophageal cancer, paranasal sinus, pancreatic, and esophageal leiomyosarcoma.