Table 3.

Genes encoding growth factors, growth factor receptors, extracellular matrix proteins, and matrix-interacting proteins significantly up-regulated in reactive stroma (P < 0.01)

Growth factor familiesNameSymbolPFold
EGFv-erb-b2 Erythroblastic leukemia viral oncogene homolog 2ERBB20.00461.7
Fibronectin leucine-rich transmembrane protein 1FLRT10.00221.8
NOTCHNotch homolog 1, translocation associatedNOTCH10.00781.7
WNTWingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 10BWNT10b0.00231.8
TGF-βtransforming growth factor, β receptor IITGFBR20.00871.7
KITv-kit Feline sarcoma oncogene homologKIT0.00671.7
EndothelinEndothelin receptor type BEDNRB0.00581.7
NeurotrophinGlial cell–derived neurotrophic factorGDNF0.00321.8
Extracellular matrixCartilage oligomeric matrix proteinCOMP0.00131.8
Extracellular phosphoglycoprotein with ASARM motifMEPE0.00341.8
Laminin α chain 2, merosinLAMA20.00771.7
Fibrinogen α chainFGA0.0051.8
Matrix-interacting proteinsSyndecan 4SDC40.0000032.3
Low-density lipoprotein–related protein 1LRP10.00861.7
Collagen type I and thrombospondin receptorCD360.00012.1
Thrombospondin 4THBS40.00012.1
  • Abbreviation: EGF, epidermal growth factor.