Table 1.

Correlations between mTOR expression and clinicopathologic factors

CorrelationsStageAgeGenderHist. Type
mTOR levels
    Training cohort0.06 (NS)−0.68* (NS)−0.02 (NS)−0.05 (NS)
    Validation cohort−0.13 (P = 0.05)−0.09* (NS)−0.09 (NS)−0.05 (NS)
  • NOTE: Nonparametric correlations between continuous mTOR AQUA scores and ordinal variables (stage, gender, and histologic type) were assessed with Spearman's rank test.

    Statistically significant P values (P < 0.05) are in boldface.

    Abbreviation: NS, nonsignificant.

  • * Pearson's R coefficient was used for parametric correlations with continuous variables (age).