Table 2.

Toxicities experienced by the 16 patients on study deemed to be possibly, probably, or definitely related to either lenalidomide, rituximab, or both

ToxicityGrade 2, n (%)Grade 3, n (%)Grade 4, n (%)Attribution
Allergic reaction1 (6.2)NANARituximab
Anemia8 (50.0)1 (6.2)NALenalidomide
Arrhythmia2 (12.5)1 (6.2)NALenalidomide
Back pain1 (6.2)NANABoth
Chest painNA1 (6.2)NARituximab
Diaphoresis1 (6.2)NANALenalidomide
Fatigue4 (25.0)NANALenalidomide
Headache2 (12.5)NANARituximab
Infection2 (12.5)NANABoth
Leukopenia6 (37.5)NANABoth
Liver function abnormalities2 (12.5)NANABoth
Nausea1 (6.2)NANALenalidomide
Neutropenia3 (18.7)5 (31.2)NALenalidomide
Peripheral neuropathy1 (6.2)NANALenalidomide
Pleural effusionNA1 (6.2)NARituximab
Pruritus1 (6.2)NANALenalidomide
PulmonitisNA1 (6.2)NARituximab
Thrombocytopenia1 (6.2)1 (6.2)NALenalidomide
Tinnitus2 (12.5)NANALenalidomide
Urinary urgency1 (6.2)NANALenalidomide
Visual impairment1 (6.2)NANARituximab
  • Abbreviation: NA, not applicable.