Table 1.

Variables at CLL diagnosis predicting RS transformation by univariate analysis

Events/n5-y riskSEP
Rai stage 0-II28/6645.0%1.0%0.001
Rai stage III-IV11/8917.4%5.2%
CD38, <30%12/4453.1%1.1%<0.001
CD38, ≥30%23/19015.5%3.3%
IGHV homology, <98%11/4493.1%1.0%<0.001
IGHV homology, ≥98%28/30411.4%2.3%
No IGHV4-3933/7335.6%1.1%<0.001
No stereotyped HCDR318/5794.0%1.0%
Stereotyped HCDR321/17414.4%3.4%<0.001
  • Abbreviations: Events/n, number of events over number of patients; 5-y risk, 5-y risk of transformation calculated by Kaplan-Meier method; P, P value calculated by log-rank test.