Table 1.

Patient characteristics and intratumoral changes in CD8+ and CD4+ TILs

Case no.Age (y)SexRegimenResponsePFS/OSToxicityTiming of biopsyNo. doses before biopsyMonths from last doseCD8ChangeCD4Change
139M15 mg/kgPR47+/47+Pre0-0NA
every 3 moPost13 mo+++ diffuse++ diffuseNA
278M10 mg/kgPR9/31+Grade 2Pre0-00
everyarthritisPost31 mo++ diffuse+ diffuse
1 moPost*37 mo+/− patchy+/− patchy
364M10 mg/kgpPR36/39+Grade 2Pre0-++ patchy+ patchy
every 1 moastheniaPost91 mo++ diffuse+++ diffuse
490M10 mg/kgPR8/40+Post81 mo+ patchy+++ diffuse
everyPost81 mo+ patchy+++ diffuse
1 moPost§81 mo+++ diffuse++ diffuse
568F15 mg/kgPD3/18Pre0-+/− patchy+/− patchy
every 3 moPost13 mo+/− patchy=+/− patchy=
657F10 mg/kg every 1 moPD1/7Post41 mo+/− patchy++ diffuse
762M10 mg/kg every 1 moSD8/22Grade 3 diarrheaPost*26 mo+ diffuse+++ diffuse
  • Abbreviations: PFS, progression-free survival; OS, overall survival; pPR, pathologic PR; NA, not available; PD, progressive disease.

  • *Delayed.

  • Progressing.

  • Stable.

  • §Regressing.