Table 1.

Phenotypic characterization of MM lines tested and their ED50 values to viral treatment

Cell line% Expression*ED50 valuesReduction in ED50 (fold)
RPMI 8226/S49.8<
RPMI 8226/MR2030.9<
RPMI 8226/LR530.2<
  • *CD40, CD40L, and CAR expression was determined by the direct or indirect immunofluorescence assay and analyzed by flow cytometry.

  • Cells were infected with AdEHCD40L and AdEHNull (MOI of 0.1-10) under CoCl2-induced hypoxic condition. Proliferative activity at 96 h after infection was calculated as % untreated (mean ± SD; n = 3). ED50, or the effective dose needed to achieve 50% growth reduction, was calculated by linear regression analysis of the dose-response curve. For RPMI 8226/MR20, ED25 (effective dose for 25% growth reduction) was calculated because ED50 for this cell line was <0.1 MOI.