Table 1.

Sample characteristics by thermal dose group

VariableLow dose, mean (SD) or % (n = 21)High dose, mean (SD) or % (n = 16)All subjects, mean (SD) or % (n = 37)
Age (y)10.1 (2.8)10.1 (3.1)10.1 (2.9)
Tumor volume (cm3)48.6 (69.0)44.5 (42.2)46.8 (58.2)
Low tumor grade76.2%62.5%70.3%
High tumor grade23.8%37.5%29.7%
FSA histology type14.3%25%18.9%
HPC histology type52.4%50%51.4%
MYX histology type9.5%12.5%10.8%
NFS histology type4.8%6.3%5.4%
SA histology type9.5%05.4%
Other histology type9.5%6.2%8.1%
  • NOTE: Descriptive statistics of the treated tumors separated by thermal dose groups. Histologic types are expressed as a percentage of the total population.

    Abbreviations: FSA, fibrosarcoma; HPC, hemangiopericytoma; MYX, myxosarcoma; NFS, neurofibrosarcoma; SA, sarcoma.