Table 2.

Multivariate analyses of factors associated with OS and RFS (n = 314)

Hazard ratio (95% confidence interval)PHazard ratio (95% confidence interval)P
γ-Glutamyl transferase, units/L (>54 vs ≤54)1.70 (1.26-2.29)<0.0011.49 (1.10-2.03)0.011
Tumor differentiation (III-IV vs I-II)1.31 (0.96-1.80)0.088NA
Tumor encapsulation (none vs complete)1.27 (0.94-1.71)0.117NA
Tumor size, cm (>5 vs ≤5)1.14 (0.84-1.56)0.390NA
Tumor number (multiple vs single)1.42 (0.98-2.07)0.0631.41 (0.95-2.11)0.090
Vascular invasion (yes vs no)1.80 (1.24-2.63)0.0021.78 (1.18-2.68)0.006
Satellite (yes vs no)2.30 (1.45-3.67)<0.001NA
CD24 (positive vs negative)1.82 (1.35-2.45)0.00012.55 (1.88-3.47)<0.0001

NOTE: Cox proportional hazards regression model. The clinicopathologic variables were adopted for their prognostic significance by univariate analyses.

Abbreviation: NA, not applicable.