Table 1.

Results of studies on survival from lung cancer among never smokers

StudyDesign/PopulationExposure GroupReference groupRisk estimate (95% CI)Adjustment variables
Tan et al. (3)Cohort: 326 women with newly diagnosed lung cancer (187 never smokers); 180 deaths in cohort; Study location: Singapore; Study years: 1996-2000Ever smokervs.Never smoker1.3 (1.0-1.8)Age, stage at diagnosis, histology
Nordquist et al. (4)Cohort: 654 men and women in treatment for lung cancer (132 never smokers); Number of deaths not stated; Study location: FL; Study years: 1985-2000Current smokervs.Never smoker1.33 (1.04-1.69)Gender, stage at diagnosis
Toh et al. (5)Cohort: 975 men and women with newly diagnosed NSCLC (286 never smokers); 805 deaths in cohort; Study location: Singapore; Study years: 1999-2005Current smokervs.Never smoker1.30 (1.04-1.62)Age, gender, ECOG status, stage at diagnosis, comorbidities, weight loss, treatment
Janjigian et al. (6)Cohort: 2,010 men and women with stage IIIb/IV NSCLC (331 never smokers); Study location: NYEver smokervs.Never smoker1.36 (1.16-1.60)Age, gender, ECOG status, weight loss

Abbreviation: ECOG, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group.