Table 4.

Serum granulocyte colony-stimulating factor pharmacokinetic parameters [median (range)]

Number of patients1716
Dose (mcg)6,275 (4,000-10,000)325 (100-480)
Cmax (ng/mL)65 (11-243)12.7 (4.3-62.4)
Tmax (h)28.7 (4.7-146)6 (3.8-8.3)
Cave (ng/mL)*20.2 (3.2-128)6.5 (2.1-35.7)
CL/F (mL/hr/kg)11.1 (2.1-152)28.8 (6.5-93.2)

Abbreviations: Cmax, peak concentration; Tmax, time to peak concentration; Cave, average concentration; CL/F, apparent clearance.

  • *Cave, area under concentration × time curve calculated to the last measured time point divided by the time of the last measured point for pegfilgrastim or to 24 h for filgrastim.