Table 2.

Associations between clinical characteristics and Prediction Analysis of Microarray class predictions (stage A like or D like) based on 128 metastasis-associated genes for 95 stage B and 93 stage C colorectal cancer patients

Stage B patientsStage C patients
Stage A–like (n = 36)Stage D–like (n = 45)Not classified (n = 13)P*PStage A–like (n = 27)Stage D–like (n = 48)Not classified (n = 16)P*P
    Median, range66 (43-86)71 (30-92)71 (38-92)0.9460.78971 (26-84)63.5 (26-90)69 (30-81)0.1470.719
T stage
N stage
Lymph nodes examined
    Median, range15 (1-33)10 (1-31)14 (5-51)0.0800.33313 (3-37)14.5 (4-73)12 (6-43)0.3910.506
Tumor location
Adjuvant therapy

NOTE: For single-sample Prediction Analysis of Microarray classification, previous (expected) 6-year recurrence probabilities were set as 20% for stage B and 40% for stage C patients based on relapse rates observed in clinical practice (21). Class predictions with a >90% probability were scored. The Welch two-sample t test was used for age and lymph nodes examined, and the Fisher's exact test was used for all other clinical variables. The number of lymph nodes examined was not available for five stage B and two stage C patients.

  • *The P values are for the comparison of stage A–like with stage D–like patients.

  • The P values are for the comparison of classified with not classified patients.