Table 1.

Response criteria for CML in first chronic phase treated de novo with imatinib

Imatinib Response Criteria For CML In First CP
Time from the Start of Imatinib (Months)Failure of ResponseSuboptimal ResponseWarning Sign
At presentationN/AN/AHigh-risk Sokal score; del 9q+; ACA in Ph+ cells
3No hematological response (stable disease or disease progression)<CHRN/A
6<CHR, no CyR<PCyR (Ph+ >35%)N/A
12<PCyR (Ph+ >35%)<CCyR<MMR
At anytimeLoss of CHRACA in Ph+ cellsAny increase in BCR-ABL1 transcripts
Loss of CCyRLoss of MMR
ACA in Ph− cells
ABL KD mutation insensitive to imatinibABL KD mutation with some sensitivity to imatinib

NOTE: Adapted from Baccarani et al. (8). © the American Society of Hematology.

Abbreviations: CP, chronic phase; ACA, acquired cytogenetic abnormalities; N/A, not applicable; CyR, cytogenetic response; PCyR, partial cytogenetic response; KD, kinase domain; Ph−, Philadelphia chromosome negative.