Table 1.

Clinicopathologic features of the HCC patients

Median (range) age, y52 (18-81)
Gender (male/female)204/36
Virus infection [hepatitis B virus/hepatitis C virus/hepatitis B + C virus/ (-)]219/1/4/16
Liver cirrhosis (no/yes)28/212
Median (range) preoperative α-fetoprotein, ng/mL127.0 (0.9-60,500.0)
Preoperative γ-glutamyl transferase (units/L)64.0 (8.0-1,111.0)
Tumor multiplicity (single/multiple)184/56
Median (range) tumor size, cm5.5 (0.9-23.0)
Child-Pugh classification (A/B)239/1
Vascular invasion (absence/presence)131/109
Tumor encapsulation (complete/non)119/121
Tumor differentiation (well/poor)135/105
American Joint Committee on Cancer/International Union Against Cancer TNM stage (I/II/III)106/76/58
Adjuvant therapy (none/TACE/immunotherapy)*82/128/30
Postrecurrent therapy (none/TACE/regional/resection)31/54/4/13
Alive with recurrence (without recurrence)/died of tumor (non-tumor)30 (117)/42 (51)
  • Abbreviation: TACE, transcatheter arterial chemoembolization.

  • * Cytokine-based immunotherapy, such as IFN-α and interleukin-2.

  • Radiofrequency ablation and percutaneous ethanol injection.