Table 1.

Patient characteristics, treatment and clinical tumor response

Patient No.1567891014151617181920
Age (y)5645503946404447555569545445
Dose level (mg)800400400400400400400400400400400400400400
Clinical Response (% change)0−2519NC−29−32−8−33−19−58−18−16−30−59
CT scan response (% change)−5−100−12−12−150−15−20−80+5−12−15
Increased Tumor Necrosis (CT scan)AAAAAAAAPPAAAA
Tumor Necrosis (histology)NT
Baseline (%)3000000060010005
Post-treatment (%)90001010100801010005
% change in EBV copy numberNA0−31−37+153NC+19+34−43+147+139+2790−25
  • NOTE: Data for two patients at 800 mg dose who stopped treatment for toxicity not shown. The % change (for response and EBV DNA copy number) was calculated as follows: % change = (post treatment measurement − baseline measurement)/baseline measurement × 100%.

    Patients considered responders by clinical measurement of cervical lymph nodes have numbers in bold italics.

    Abbreviations: M, male; A, absent; P, present; NA, not available; NT, no tumor tissue seen in specimen; CT, computed tomography.

  • * AJCC 5th Edition.