Table 2.

Chromosomal regions differing in copy number and expression between patients with and without DTCs in their bone marrows achieved with array CGH and gene expression profiles

Chromosomal regionChromosomal position (bp)*
Size (Mbp)Type of aberrationNo. patients with aberration
No. significant differentially expressed genes (all genes)
StartStopBone marrow negative (n = 16)
Bone marrow positive (n = 14)
Gain (%)Loss (%)Gain (%)Loss (%)
4q12-q3253303625160419296107.1Loss in bone marrow-positive6313142973 (361)
Gain in bone marrow-negative
10p12-p11211103623352658412.4Loss in bone marrow-positive3813142910 (51)
Gain in bone marrow-negative
10q21-q22698522788151317111.7Loss in bone marrow-positive25197365 (86)
Gain in bone marrow-negative
17q21354263434639813411.0Gain in bone marrow-positive31133605 (205)
20q11-q13305712125636877825.8Gain in bone marrow-positive381364011 (209)
  • * Base pair obtained by blasting array probe sequence in the University of California at Santa Cruz Blat.

  • Defining gains and losses by using aCGH-Smooth; aberration < 5 Mbp were excluded.

  • Number of genes within the region (present on the array) with different expression based on DNA copy number alterations. Significance of genes is based on ROC analysis (ROC value < 0.2 or > 0.2 and P < 0.05).