Table 1.

Detection of EGFR mutations in archived tumor samples by CSGE and DNA sequencing and digital PCR analyses

No. samplesCSGE and DNA sequencing resultDigital PCR analysis result
Mutation*Mutant percentage
Concordant mutations detected by sequencing and digital PCR analyses
    6ΔE746-A750Del1931% (interquartile range, 9-49%)
    1ΔE746-S752 (ins V)Del1949%
    1ΔE746-S753 (ins VS)Del1931%
    2ΔL747-E749 (A750P)Del1914%; 24%
    11L858R 2573T>GL858R 2573T>G27% (interquartile range, 17-45%)
    2L858R 2573T>G and 2574 G>TL858R 2573T>G and 2574 G>T9.3%; 41%
Mutation detected by digital PCR only
    1Wild-type onlyDel194.4%
    2Wild-type onlyL858R 2573T>G10%; 14%
No mutation detected by both sequencing and digital PCR analyses
    19Wild-type only
  • * Del19 denotes deletion mutation in exon 19 of the EGFR gene.

  • Median (interquartile range) is shown if there are >3 cases having the same combination of results. All values are displayed at two significant figures.