Table 1.

Patient characteristics at study entry (n = 27)

CharacteristicValue (range)%
Age at study entry
    Median61 (36-86)
Days from primary diagnosis to enrollment date
    Median2,049 (204-9,463)
Days from primary diagnosis to first relapse
    Median992 (82-9,019)
Days from recent relapse to enrollment date
    Median195 (3-2,017)
Total days on study
    Median162 (61-753)
KPS at study entry
Previous therapies
    Systemic therapy1348.1
Tumor antigen expression (IHC and/or PCR)
    NY-ESO-1 positive (by either IHC or PCR)2696.3
    LAGE-1 positive (by PCR)311.1
Tumor stage at study entry
No. patients completing study at:
    Discontinued prematurely (<week 11)27.4
    Week 11622.2
    Week 1713.7
    Week 23-251348.1
    Week 3327.4
    Week 4513.7
    Week 6913.7
    Week 10513.7
  • Abbreviations: KPS, Karnofsky performance status; IHC, immunohistochemistry.