Table 4.

Values of final parameter estimates for the final models for sunitinib and SU12662

Estimate (SE/estimate)Interindividual variability (%CV)Interindividual variability (variance)*95% CIEstimate (SE/estimate)Interindividual variability (%CV)Interindividual variability (variance)*95% CI
CL/F, L/h51.8 (4%)38%0.1447.9-55.729.6 (3%)47%0.2227.2-32.0
Vd/Fcentral, liters2,030 (4%)43%0.181,877-2,1833,080 (4%)59%0.352,815-3,345
Ka, 1/h0.195 (7%)80%0.640.170-0.2200.290 (7%)86%0.740.252-0.328
Q/F, L/h7.22 (20%)NANA4.44-10.0023.3 (30%)NANA9.64-37.0
Vd/Fperipheral, liters583 (9%)NANA485-681289 (27%)NANA138-440
Weight on CL/FNANANANA0.296 (64%)NANA−0.074 to 0.666
Weight on Vd/F0.459 (16%)NANA0.318-0.6000.510 (49%)NANA0.024-0.996
Gender on CL/F−0.0876 (34%)NANA−0.145 to −0.030−0.274 (15%)NANA−0.354 to −0.294
Gender on Vd/FNANANANA−0.241 (23%)NANA−0.339 to −0.133
Asian race on CL/F−0.130 (30%)NANA−0.206 to −0.054−0.123 (31%)NANA−0.198 to −0.048
ECOG on CL/FNANANANA−0.0652 (96%)NANA−0.188 to 0.058
GIST on CL/F−0.285 (14%)NANA−0.361 to −0.209−0.224 (15%)NANA−0.289 to −0.159
Solid tumor on CL/F−0.269 (15%)NANA−0.349 to −0.189−0.287 (14%)NANA−0.366 to −0.208
mRCC on CL/F−0.258 (13%)NANA−0.323 to −0.193−0.257 (12%)NANA−0.316 to −0.198
Proportional error0.146 (10%)NANA0.118-0.1740.0914 (7%)NANA0.0782-0.105
  • Abbreviations: 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; NA, not available (covariates not found to have a significant effect when the full model was subjected to stepwise backward elimination were omitted from the final model).

  • * Calculated as [%CV/100]2.