Table 2.

Relationship between biomarker expression and sensitivity and resistance to therapy

MarkerMedianComparison and result (at or above vs below median for each marker)
Median percent positive cells (range)
Ki-6760 (1-90)Low Ki-67 score (<60) significantly associated with resistance to therapy (RCB score of 3); P = 0.01
p-STAT30 (0-100)No association
p-ERK70 (0-100)No association
p-213 (0-60)No association
p-2710 (0-80)No association

Median score (range)

RHEB4 (0-9)No association
AKT3 (0-9)No association
  • NOTE: Marker studies for 33 cases available for all markers except for RHEB, which was available for 32 cases.