Table 2.

Log-rank univariate analysis of overall and disease-free survival

VariablesOverall survival
Disease-free survival
Median, moPMedian, moP
Tumor size, mm0.0590.060
Serosal invasion0.650.70
Retroperitoneal extension0.680.38
Portal vein involvement0.240.20
Lymph node metastasis0.0160.006
Resection status0.0520.12
UICC stage0.0430.021
Histologic differentiation0.0220.14
    Moderate, poor2518
Lymphatic invasion0.0160.021
Vascular invasion0.230.030
Perineural invasion0.0870.031
Intraoperative radiation0.540.78
Adjuvant chemotherapy0.140.98
SNCG expression0.0020.001
  • Abbreviation: NR, not reached.