Table 1.

Summary of immunostaining results of DNMT3L for primary TGCTs and malignant lymphomas of the testis

Tumor TypeNo. of DNMT3L-positive cases (%)Total no. of cases
TGCTs of adolescents
    Pure seminomas0 (0%)30
    Nonseminomatous TGCTs21 (91.3%)23
    Foci of nonseminomatous TGCTs
    EC21 (100%)*21
    Seminoma0 (0%)7
    Teratoma0 (0%)9
    Yolk sac tumor0 (0%)12
TGCTs of infants
    Teratoma0 (0%)2
    Yolk sac tumor0 (0%)1
Malignant lymphomas of the testis0 (0%)5
  • *P < 0.0001 embryonal carcinoma versus nonembryonal carcinoma.

  • Foci of embryonal carcinoma include six pure embryonal carinomas; foci of yolk sac tumor includes one pure yolk sac tumor.

  • Foci of teratoma include four immature teratomas.