Table 1.

Clinical characteristics of patients with localized urothelial carcinoma who received anti–CTLA-4

PatientSexAge (y)Prior therapyAdjuvant therapyDrug-related irAEsSurgery delay (wk)Follow-up (mo)Status
1M66BCGNoneRash, Gr 1; Diarrhea, Gr 1None33.37NED Alive
2M75NoneCis, Gem, Ifos chemoNone5.1 (due to cardiac eval)32.67NED Alive
3M71BCGNoneAmylase and lipase increased, Gr 2None28.83NED Alive
Uveitis, Gr 2; diarrhea, Gr 1ischemic papillitis, Gr 3;
4M60NoneMVAC chemoRash, Gr 1None27.3NED Alive
5M55NoneNoneRash, Gr 1; Pruritis, Gr 1None24.9NED Alive
6M75BCGNoneRash, Gr 2; Pruritis, Gr 2None23.1NED Alive
7M76NoneNoneRash, Gr 1None7.7NED Deceased
Testicular swelling/Epididymitis, Gr 2
8F69NoneNoneRash, Gr 14.0 (due to irAE)17.5NED Alive
Transaminitis, Gr 3
Diarrhea, Gr 2
9M63NoneNoneDiarrhea, Gr 2None17.03NED Alive
10F68NoneNoneDiarrhea, Gr 3 (received only one dose of antibody)10.3 (due to irAE and cardiac and GI eval)12.23NED Alive
11M71BCGIfos-Adria-Gem chemoRash, Gr 1; Pruritis, Gr 1; Elavated AST, Gr 1;Diarrhea, Gr 3N/A*9.27Metastatic disease Alive
12M66NoneGem-Cis chemoDiarrhea, Gr 2None8.33Metastatic disease Alive

Abbreviations: UC, urothelial carcinoma; Dx, disease; BCG, bacillus Calmette-Guerin given as intravesical therapy; Cis, cisplatin; Gem, gemcitabine; Ifos, ifosfamide; MVAC, methotrexate, vinblastine, adriamycin, cisplatin; Adria, adriamycin; NED, no evidence of disease; irAE, immune-related adverse event; GI, gastrointestinal; Gr, grade.

  • * Surgery cancelled.