Table 1.

Summary of clinical and molecular parameters in gene expression subtypes

ParameterHigh-immune response (n = 15)Proliferative (n = 12)Pigmentation (n = 22)Normal-like (n = 8)P*
Sex67% male, 33% female50% male, 50% female55% male, 45% female38% male, 62% female>0.01
Median age at metastases (y)53626869>0.01
Median age at primary diagnosis (y)53526462>0.01
Median Breslow thickness (mm)3.5224>0.01
Median Clark classification4343.5>0.01
Lactate dehydrogenase (mean IU/L)386403293271>0.01
BRAF/NRAS mutated (%)461008238<0.01
CDKN2A mutated (%)1350913>0.01
9p21 homozygous (%)05090<0.01
p16INK4A methylated (%)3317938>0.01
  • *P values for sex, mutation, and methylation status were calculated using Fisher's exact test. For all other parameters, ANOVA was used.