Table 1.

Clinical magnitude of CD47/GAPDH in breast cancer cases prior to surgery, and comparison with known serum tumor markers

Normal valueAverage (SD)CI
CEA (serum)<5.0 ng/mL2.01 (3.37)1.69-2.33
CA15-3 (serum)<25.0 U/mL12.19 (11.19)11.13-13.26
NCC-ST439 (serum)<7.0 U/mL7.45 (31.50)1.06-13.83
CD47/GAPDH (BM)(0.80, average of BM in noncancer cases)1.52 (1.43)1.42-1.63
    High-expression group2.95 (1.11)2.80-3.09
    Low-expression group0.62 (0.42)0.56-0.67
CD47/GAPDH (PB)(0.48, average of PB in noncancer cases)1.83 (1.69)1.67-1.99
    High-expression group3.86 (1.86)3.60-4.12
    Low-expression group0.58 (0.63)0.50-0.66

Abbreviations: BM, bone marrow; PB, peripheral blood.