Table 1.

Shared clinico-pathologic features between BRCA1-deficient and triple-negative and/or basal-like breast cancer

Clinico-pathologic characteristicsHereditary BRCA1 breast cancerTriple-negative and/or basal-like breast cancer
ER/PR/HER2 statusNegativeNegative
TP53 statusMutantMutant (up to 80%)
BRCA1 statusMutational inactivationDiminished expression (?)
Gene expression patternsBasal-likeBasal-like
Tumor histologyPoorly differentiated (high grade)Poorly differentiated (high grade)
Chemosensivity to DNA-damaging chemotherapyHighly sensitiveLikely sensitive
Genome-wide aneuploidyYesYes

NOTE: Adapted from 2009 ASCO Plenary Session (14).