Table 2.

Patients who received a nonmyeloablative (with or without TBI) adoptive cell transfer with TCR

Patient no.CellsPrepTBI (cGy)Age/sexOther disease sitesCells (109)IL-2 doseBrainOverall
No.Size (mm)ResDur (mo)ResDur (mo)
2F5Cy/FluNone46/MAX, LU5.9727CR25+PR25+
3F5Cy/FluNone30/MBO, AX, MT, LI, LU, PA, PV, HI112815CR8NR
4F5Cy/FluNone31/FBR, SU73.7812NRNR
5F5Cy/FluNone43/FIP, CE, CL, IL, IN, PE, SU, LU21.5642NRNR
6gp100Cy/FluNone25/FME, MS, LU, PL59.5515NRNR
7gp154Cy/FluNone40/FMS, IL, MT, RP2.71016NRNR
8gp154/F5Cy/Flu60056/FHI, ME, LU24.5415NRNR
9gp154/F5Cy/Flu60052/MME, EA, NK, SU, LU63.0615NRNR

Abbreviations: Prep, preparative chemotherapy regimen; Dur, duration of response; mm, size of largest brain lesion in millimeters. AX, axilla; LI, liver; LU, lung; CL, clavicular; IL, iliac; RP, retroperitoneal; BR, breast; SU, subcutaneous; ME, mediastinal; SK, skin; AD, adrenal; SP, spleen; IN, inguinal; CE, cervical; MT, mesentery, PE, periaortic; KI, kidney; HI, hilar; SB, small bowel; BO, bone; PP, periportal; IP, intraperitoneal; MS, muscle; EA, ear; EY, eye; PL, pleura; PV, pelvis; PA, pancreas; NK, neck; Cy, cyclophosphamide; Flu, fludarabine.