Table 5.

Pathologic diagnoses rendered

LocationAgeRisk categoryIndicationProcedurePathologic diagnosis
Pancreas58HighMass in the HOP with liver lesions on EUS/MRIFNAStage IV PC
61High2 cm mass in HOP on EUSTotal pancreatectomyPC with adjacent IPMN and multifocal PanIN2
47HighIPMN-B, irregular PD on EUS/ERCPDistal pancreatectomyIPMN-B with moderate dysplasia and multifocal PanIN2
40ModerateIPMN-B on EUS/MRI
45*Moderate1 cm cyst BOP with elevated cyst fluid CEA (1,169) on EUSCentral pancreatectomyCyst remnant, IPMN-B with moderate dysplasia, focal PanIN2
Ovary52HighProphylactic, BRCA1/2 positive and personal history of breast cancerTAH-BSOTubal intraepithelial carcinoma
60HighOvarian papillary serous adenocarcinoma
Retroperitoneal43HighRetroperitoneal mass on MRIResectionCarcinoid
Thyroid45*ModeratePET thyroid uptake, FNA papillary carcinomaThyroidectomyPapillary thyroid carcinoma

Abbreviations: HOP, head of pancreas; BOP, body of pancreas; PET, positron emission tomography.

  • *One patient had both pancreas and thyroid surgery.