Table 2.

Intergroup statistical differences in γH2AX response in A375 xenograft biopsies collected 2 hours post-dose

NSC 724998*Vehicle0.05 MTD0.1 MTD0.33 MTD1 MTD
0.05 MTD0.026
0.1 MTD0.017NS
0.33 MTD0.001NSNS
1 MTD0.0340.0381NS0.090
NSC 725776*Vehicle0.05 MTD0.1 MTD0.33 MTD1 MTD
0.05 MTD0.010
0.1 MTD0.103NS
0.33 MTD0.002NSNS
1 MTD0.034NS0.038NS

NOTE: One-way ANOVA, with the significance level (α) set at 0.05, two-sided, was used to determine P-values for statistical differences across treatment groups. P-values were calculated with the use of pairwise comparisons of γH2AX response to identify specific intergroup response differences. P-values ≤ 0.10 are reported due to the small group sizes. P-values > 0.10 are reported as NS.

Abbreviation: NS, not significant.

  • *Four mice per group.