Table 1.

Patient characteristics

CharacteristicRandomization to
No CD40LCD40LTotal
No. patients141226
Mean age, y (range)64 (43-81)57 (41-76)61 (41-81)
No. males101020
Characteristics of the primary colorectal cancer
    No. with colon cancer9817 (65%)
    No. with rectal cancer549 (35%)
    No. node positive4812 (46%)
Treatment before resecting the tumor used to form the vaccine
    Patients who had liver metastases resected213 (11%)
    Patients who had lung metastases resected202 (8%)
    Index metastases treated with chemotherapy549 (35%)
    Any chemotherapy10818 (69%)
Patient characteristics when metastasis resected to form the vaccine
    Liver metastasis121224 (92%)
    Lung metastasis202 (8%)
    Also had extrahepatic, intra-abdominal metastases resected123 (11%)
    Mean no. metastases resected1.41.71.6
    No. patients with liver met >5 cm448 (31%)
    Mean disease-free interval (mo)171215
    Patients with CEA level >200000
    Mean clinical risk score (2)