Table 1.

Patient demographics and pretreatment data

PatientAge/genderDiagnosisSites of diseasePrior therapyPretreatment cell counts
ALC (k/μL)T cell (%CD3)B cell (%CD19)
232/MMelanomaln, im, scS, C, I0.644863
354/MMelanomascS, I4.046917
450/MMelanomaln, gbS, I1.678853
549/FMelanomaln, lu, scS, I1.817858
636/FMelanomaln, bo, li, spR, S, C, I0.6725729
760/MMelanomaln, bo, li, lu, scS, I1.897828
850/FMelanomast, li, lu, int, scS, C, I0.6147216
925/MMelanomaln, bo, ipS, I2.012ndnd
1150/MMelanomabr, lnR, S, C, I0.5845124
1262/MMelanomalu, lnS, C, I1.537845
1344/FMelanomali, lnR, S, C, I1.4825833
1451/FMelanomaln, li, lu, spS, I2.8727716
1533/MMelanomalnS, I1.585855
1641/MMelanomalnS, I1.541914
1752/MMelanomalnS, C, I1.0577813
1958/MMelanomalnS, I1.7068313
2152/MEsophagealln, lu, imC1.276ndnd
2233/MMelanomaln, lu, li, spR, S, C, I1.2398111
2342/FBreast carcinomabr, lnR, S, C0.904ndnd
2447/FSalivary glandln, luR, S0.304ndnd
2536/FBreast carcinomali, luR, S, C1.4067611
2639/FBreast carcinomaln, luS, C1.494868
2757/MMelanomaln, lu, brS, I1.1316619
2832/FBreast carcinomalnR, S, C0.614ndnd
2932/MSmall-bowelli, ipS, C1.0168311

NOTE: ALC, normal range: 0.71–1.87 k/μL; T cell, normal range: 57.3%–86.4% CD3+ PBMC by flow cytometry; B cell, normal range: 3.5%–17.1% CD19+ PBMC by flow cytometry. Patients 2–19 treated with gp100:154 TCR; patients 20–29 treated with p53 TCR; patient numbers correspond with those reported by Johnson et al. (ref. 6); patients 1, 10, and 18 lacked sufficient samples required for analysis.

Abbreviations: ALC, absolute lymphocyte count; M, male; F, female; R, radiation; S, surgery; C, chemotherapy; I, immunotherapy; br, brain; bo, bone; gb, gallbladder; im, intramuscular, int, intestine; ip, intraperitoneal; li, liver; ln, lymph node; lu, lung; sc, subcutaneous; sp, spleen; st, stomach.