Table 2.

Univariate Cox analysis of the prognostic influence of BNIP3, CLU, and BCL2L13 in three cohorts of untreated node-negative breast cancer

Bcl-2 family–associated factorMainz* cohort (n = 194)Rotterdam cohort (n = 286)Transbig cohort (n = 302)Combined cohorts (n = 782)
BNIP3P value0.0480.0240.8140.082
95% CI1.004-1.9781.044-1.8610.781-1.3700.981-1.381
CLUP value0.0010.0060.7210.008
95% CI0.569-0.8730.703-0.9410.880-1.2020.806-0.969
BCL2L13P value0.0190.0490.1610.265
95% CI0.235-0.8760.424-0.9980.835-2.9640.598-1.152

NOTE: The three studied Bcl-2 family members amounted to statistical significance in two of three cohorts. Results with P < 0.1 values are italicized.

Abbreviation: 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.

  • *DFS was analyzed in the Mainz cohort. The respective data of MFI are given in Supplementary Table 6.

  • MFI is given for the Rotterdam and Transbig cohorts.