Table 1.

Grade 3 and 4 adverse events experienced by dose level

Adverse event50 μg/m2100 μg/m2150 μg/m2200 μg/m2250 μg/m2300 μg/m2400 μg/m2500 μg/m2600 μg/m2Total
(CTCAE v 3.0)(n = 3)(n = 3)(n = 3)(n = 3)(n = 3)(n = 4)(n = 3)(n = 3)(n = 4)(n = 29)
Blood/bone marrow
 Leukocytes (total WBC)112
 Alkaline phosphatase11
Adverse events
 Pain, chest wall11
 Pain, liver11
 Pain, abdomen2114
 Pain, bone11
 Pain, head11
 Pain, NOS11
 Infection, pneumonia11
 Infection, urinary112

NOTE: AE numbers represent the highest AE grade per person for all injections received, regardless of attribution.