Table 2.

Clinicopathologic features according to RAD51 score

Low RAD51 score (HR deficient)Others (HR competent)P value
n 1542
Median RAD51 score2%49%
Median age47480.42a
 Invasive ductal carcinoma14310.42
 Invasive lobular carcinoma18
Median tumor size, mm60500.09a
Histologic grade
 2322 0.031
Axilliary node positive36% (4/11)62% (21/14)0.17
ER positive43% (6/14)88% (29/33) 0.003
HER2 positive21% (3/14)22% (6/27)1
Tumor subtype
 ER positive/HER2 negative424 0.0043b
 HER2 positive36
 Triple negative84
Median geminin 24-h biopsy29.3%14.8% <0.0001a
Median Ki67
 Baseline44.2%21.3% 0.005a
 24-h biopsy29.7%15.4% 0.0012a
Clinical response
 Complete response370.2b
 Partial response1124
 Stable disease07
 Progressive disease03
Pathology response
 Complete41 0.011
 Not complete835

NOTE: Statistical analysis was with Fisher's exact test, unless indicated. Pathologic response data were not available on 9 cases as discussed in Supplementary Figure 1.

  • aMann–Whitney U Test or bChi squared test.