Table 4.

Estimated ORs and 95% CIs of high-grade hematologic toxicities associated with GSTP1 genotypes in SWOG 8897

GenotypeNo. with high-grade vs. with low-grade toxicityUnadjusted OR (95% CI)Unadjusted PAdjusted OR (95% CI)aAdjusted PaFPRPb
Neutropenia (grades 3 and 4 vs. grade ≤2)
 AG/GG136/800.63 (0.41–0.96)0.030.63 (0.41–0.97)0.040.31
 Ordinal modelc0.72 (0.50–1.04)0.080.72 (0.50–1.05)0.080.47
Leucopenia (grades 3 and 4 vs. grade ≤2)
 AG/GG123/930.60 (0.40–0.90)0.010.59 (0.39–0.89)0.010.10
 Ordinal modelb0.59 (0.41–0.86)0.0060.58 (0.39–0.84)0.0040.04
Grade 4 hematologic toxicity (yes vs. no)
 AG/GG94/1220.73 (0.49–1.08)0.120.72 (0.48–1.07)0.110.55
 Ordinal modelb0.71 (0.49–1.04)0.080.70 (0.48–1.03)0.070.44
  • aFactors adjusted in the multivariable models include age, menopausal status, chemotherapy (CAF vs. CMF), tamoxifen treatment, and time from surgery to randomization.

  • bIn ordinal models, it was assumed that there is a linear relationship between toxicity grades as well as between counts of grade 4 toxicity.

  • cFRRP was calculated for an assumed prior probability of associations with toxicities of 0.1. An FPRP below 0.5 was deemed as a suggestive association and an FPRP below 0.2 was deemed as a more definitive association.