Table 3.

rhIL-7 pharmacokinetics

Dose10 μg/kg30 μg/kg60 μg/kg
rhIL-7 serum levels (pg/mL)
Time (h)d 1d 14d1d 14d 1d 14
Pharmacokinetics parameters
    Mean total daily dose (μg)6866862,3222,3224,7635,280
    Cmax (pg/mL)354831,8957171,8461,697
    Tmax (h)
    AUC total (pg/mL min)168,35769,6971,416,470591,7761,812,8701,483,180
    t1/2 (h)8.549.809.036.468.927.23
    Clearance (mL/min)4,0779,8471,6393,8902,6273,560

NOTE: Top: mean serum concentrations for cohorts. Bottom: pharmacokinetics parameters (mean values for a cohort). Results are shown after the first dose (day 1) and after the last dose (day 14) for each cohort.