Table 2.

Clinical/pathologic characteristics of all patients with disease recurrence (A) and those with unrelated second primaries (B)

A. Clinical and pathologic characteristics of all patients who developed disease recurrence (LR, DM, and histologically related SP)
Patient no.HPV statusTobacco historyPack- years (cigarette use only)Primary tumor siteT classN classDisease recurrence event (LR, DM, or SP)Site of disease recurrence eventPatient status at last follow-up (in reference to SCCOP)
1PositiveNever*0Tonsil42bDMLungDead with disease
2PositiveNever0Tonsil33SPMandibular gingivaAlive with disease
3PositiveFormer cigarette; quit 37 y prior10BOT43DMLung, boneDead with disease
4PositiveFormer cigarette; quit 37 y prior10BOT42bLRSuprasternal lymph nodeNo evidence of disease
5PositiveFormer cigarette; quit 35 y prior6Tonsil43DMLungDead with disease
6PositiveFormer cigarette; quit 28 y prior12BOT22bDMBoneDead with disease
7PositiveFormer 1 cigar per day × 8 y; quit 25 y prior0Tonsil13LRLevel II lymph nodeDead with disease
8PositiveFormer cigarette; quit 21 y prior120Tonsil21LRTonsil, level III lymph nodeNo evidence of disease
9PositiveFormer cigarette; quit 20 y prior12Tonsil22bSPTongueAlive with disease
10PositiveFormer cigarette; quit 4 y prior100BOT42cDMLungDead with disease
11PositiveFormer cigarette; quit 2 y prior60BOT23DMDermis, lungDead with disease
12PositiveCurrent cigarette35BOT40DMLiverDead with disease
13PositiveCurrent cigarette35Tonsil40DMLungDead with disease
14PositiveCurrent cigarette30BOT42cLR; DMLR: retropharyngeal spaceDead with disease
DM: lung, bone
15PositiveCurrent cigarette44BOT40DMBone, dermisDead with disease
16PositiveCurrent cigarette35Tonsil30LR; SPLR: digastric lymph nodeDead with disease
SP: soft palate
17PositiveCurrent cigarette45BOT42bSPLungNo evidence of disease
18PositiveCurrent 3 cigars per week × 15 y0BOT42cDMLung, boneDead with disease
19PositiveCurrent 2-4 cigars per week × 20 y0Tonsil42cLR; DMLR: tonsilDead with disease
DM: lung
20NegativeFormer cigarette; quit 35 y prior80BOT41SPEsophagusNo evidence of disease
21NegativeFormer cigarette; quit 25 y prior50Oropharynx32aLRTongueDead with disease
22NegativeFormer cigarette; quit 20 y prior40BOT41DMLungDead with disease
23NegativeCurrent cigarette25Tonsil32aDMLung, liverDead with disease
24NegativeCurrent cigarette30BOT43DMBone, liverDead with disease
25NegativeCurrent cigarette50BOT40DMBoneDead with disease
26NegativeCurrent cigarette75Tonsil40LRPretracheal tissueDead with disease
27NegativeCurrent cigarette35Oropharynx42bLRTonsilNo evidence of disease
28NegativeCurrent cigarette60BOT42cLRTongueDead with disease
29NegativeCurrent cigarette40BOT42aDMDermis, lung, abdomen, boneDead with disease
30NegativeCurrent cigarette59BOT22aSPLungDead with disease
B. Clinical and pathologic characteristics of patients with histologically unrelated second primary tumors
31PositiveNever0Oropharynx23SPProstate§No evidence of disease
32PositiveFormer cigarette; quit 17 y prior20Tonsil12bSPLung (B-cell lymphoma)§No evidence of disease
33NegativeFormer cigarette; quit 12 y prior70Oropharynx31SPLung (adenocarcinoma)§Dead without disease
  • Abbreviation: BOT, base of tongue.

  • *This patient had daily exposure to second hand smoke and welding fumes.

  • Tumor site within oropharynx unspecified.

  • Tumor site within oropharynx unspecified.

  • §SP tumor unrelated to original SCCOP based on location (patient 31) or tumor cell histology (patients 32 and 33). Patients 31 and 32 are alive with no evidence of SCCOP recurrence after 8 and 1.5 y of follow-up, respectively. Patient 33 died from the lung adenocarcinoma after 4 y without evidence of SCCOP recurrence. These three patients were censored at the last follow-up time for statistical analysis of time-to-disease recurrence.